My Kpop unpopular opinions

So I saw this trend going around on YouTube and thought I would put my own input on it.

1) I like Jin’s voice the most in BTS.

Jin is overall and underrated member and that makes my Jin biased self sad. I just prefer his voice over the rest of the vocal line. I still do think the rest of the vocal line are great vocalists though! I love them all!

2) Mamamoo deserves to be in the top 3 GGs more than Gfriend.

Most people say that if BP were to be kicked out of the top three GGs they would put Gfriend in their place. I have nothing against people disagreeing with BPs spot, but I think Mamamoo deserves it more than Gfriend.

3) Just right is Got7’s best song.

I have never really taken much of an interest in Got7’s music and Just Right is one of the only songs by them that appeals to me.

4) We need more representation of LGBTQ+ people in Kpop.

We literally have Holland and that’s it. ONE person. You can’t put thousands of people into an industry and all of them be straight. The fact that there are probably so many idols hiding theirselves is sad and they should be able to be themselves without the fear of judgement from the public. WE NEED MORE THAN JUST HOLLAND!

I don’t think any of my other opinions are that unpopular because I see them everywhere, so that was it. Stan Holland.



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