Map Of The Soul: Persona album review

Soooo…. The new BTS album has been out of a little bit over a month now, so I’ve had PLENTY of time to process it.

1) The concept and visuals.

They really tricked us with this concept. We thought this was going to be a hip hop album with a dark concept and then we see the album cover and it’s pink. I was a little surprised by this. In a good way. Then the MV came out and they took this pink album cover even further. Like I don’t think anyone predicted this. JIMIN LITERALLY HAD PINK/ORANGE HAIR! Tae’s hair was beautiful too. The MV was so colorful, I loved it. Also, Yoongi’s scene was really great. A certified bias wrecker.

The Album:

I loved this album so much.

a) Boy With Luv

This was an amazing title track. I love that Jin got lines and the choreography. I literally have nothing but good things to say about this song.

b) Intro: Persona

I have had this song on repeat ever since it came out. I have always loved all of Namjoon’s solo songs. The song is so catchy I can’t. Once again, I have nothing but amazing things to say for this song.

c) Mikrokosmos

This is my favorite song in the album. The end is gold. It’s like kinda sad but also really happy. I’m always in the mood for it. Love it. Pure art. Amazing.

d) Make It Right

This was my favorite song in the album for the first week. I just really liked it. Once again, art.


This song was nice and refreshing. The chorus is really catchy and I wished it had a choreography. That would be so great.

f) Jamais Vu

I cried. in the middle of class. That’s all I have to say.

g) Dionysus

Going from Jamais Vu to this did something to me. Suddenly my tears had dried and I had taken over the world. Loved Yoongi’s verse.

The stages and outfits:

I loved the outfits this comeback. Their BBMAS performance was so great. I really enjoyed watching their encore performances on music bank. They are literally walking memes omg. They kept TxT on the stage with them, and they watched in fear/amusement. I have a theory that BTS are just so weird from an outside perspective that all the other artists/idols are like scared of them. I’m getting off track.

The physical album:

I bought versions 1-3 of the album. I sadly couldn’t get version 4 because I didn’t have enough money. There was a normal photo card and a post card thing. Idk it was like a thick paper. There was also this translucent photo film thing that I’m currently using as a bookmark. I really don’t know what it’s for. The photo books were great. I loved the packaging. The whole thing was like a book with another book inside. They look really nice. The posters were also really great.

I overall really enjoyed this album and comeback. Everything had so much thought put into it and I loved it. This album went beyond all of my expectations. Once again, BTS has outdone themselves.



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